JOB DESCRIPTION: Performs any combination of following tasks in constructing, installing, and servicing swimming pools at commercial and residential sites: Plots length and width of pool site, according to specifications, and marks corners of site, using stakes and sledgehammer. Responsibilities include: Assisting proper installation of in-ground fiberglass swimming pools, proper installation of PVC piping, fittings and valves.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Salesperson will be required to contact new clients within 24 hours and interview for needs and requirements. They will have to present and review design with client, and make any revisions following. Create and present estimate and secure business with a signed agreement. Salesperson will continue to communicate with client through the entire construction process.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Under general supervision, your primary responsibilities include: repair of motors, filters, timers, pool cleaners, blowers, lights, automated pool systems, chlorinators, backwash valves, PVC plumbing, and any other mechanical plumbing equipment and fixtures for pools and water feature systems in both residential and commercial environments. Employee must have knowledge on all the filtering systems, electronic controls, pumps, chlorine generators, chlorinators, heaters and any other equipment on your route.

JOB DESCRIPTION: We would like to invest our time in the right candidate with skills in troubleshooting pumps, lights and water level controllers, waterproofing, servicing and plumbing of both indoor and outdoor water display fountains.