Don't Have Time to Keep Up With Pool Maintenance?

Call us for residential pool cleaning in McKinney or Grapevine, TX

Most people install a swimming pool with sun and fun in mind, but few consider the maintenance involved in owning a pool. Skimming, vacuuming and testing your water's chemical levels are just a few of the weekly tasks that need to be done to keep a pool clean and safe to swim in. Thankfully, Metroplex Pools can handle all these tasks for you.

Schedule your weekly residential pool cleaning services in Grapevine, TX or elsewhere in the DFW area today.

Enjoy the benefits of your pool and let us handle the responsibilities

Summer fun doesn't have to come to a halt so you can clean the swimming pool. Keep your weekends free to lounge in the sun or play with the kids, and leave the pool cleaning chores to us. Our crew will handle:

  • Cleaning the filtration system
  • Testing and balancing chemical levels
  • Skimming and vacuuming
  • Emptying skimmer baskets
  • Scrubbing tiles around the waterline

Don't spend your weekend fishing for bugs and leaves - call 817-734-9230 now for residential pool cleaning services in Grapevine, TX, McKinney or the Dallas-Fort Worth area.