Steve and team with Metroplex Pools did an awesome job of building our new pool. Metroplex wasn't the cheapest, but after talking to several builders, they were the ones I felt most comfortable with. After working out the details, model, size, color, financing, etc., they submitted for permits with the city. Permits took longer that I had hoped, but that's on the city and not a reflection on Metroplex Pools. Once the permits were approved, Steve had a crew scheduled within a week to begin the install. They showed up at the agreed upon time to being work.

The initial process of excavation, setting and backfilling the pool shell only took two days. They started filling the pool near the end of day two. By the end of day three, the pool was full and the plumbing and equipment were in place. The electricians came on day four and ran power from the service panel out to the equipment pad. Metroplex Pools came back out the next day, added salt and start-up chemicals and started the equipment. It took about a week until the concrete work was done, but I think several days of rain threw off their schedule. After the concrete work was complete we were able to enjoy the pool a few times before the water got too cold. After a few weeks, their deck guy came out and started working on the decorative border around the pool. This really brought everything together and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

We didn't pay for spray deck but Steve threw that in due to staining of the concrete from being acid washed. The broom swept concrete deck didn't look bad, but with the border and spray deck, it's a night and day difference. Steve was always a call or text away when I had questions and responded quickly. I can't recommend Metroplex Pools enough, they were a pleasure to do business with.

McConnell Pool

Jan. 17, 2018